The My Zendays Mission

My Zendays is on a mission to inspire and educate people on how daily mindset and meditation practices lead to calmer, happier and more fulfilled lives

The World Health Organisation has declared stress a “World Wide Epidemic”, and there is no doubt that our lives are getting busier and more stressful. Three-quarters of people in the UK have felt so stressed that they can’t cope. Stress is officially messing up our sleep, our relationships, our work, and even our sex lives.

The aim of the My Zendays School of Wellbeing is to ...

  • Share the science

    The many benefits of meditation are scientifically-proven and available to everyone through a simple daily practice. To inspire you, I want to change the perceptions of meditation and provide the intellectual understanding of the practice – what it is, how it works, the benefits, and the science that proves the case – so you can put aside any fears or doubts and trust in the process.

  • Debunk the myths

    There are quite a few myths that need debunking so that we all understand that meditation is a simple, accessible, enjoyable, everyday practice where you can quickly and easily get into the swing of things. No need for orange robes or mountain top temples, and not a joss-stick in sight! It is easy to gain the benefits for yourself and get on the way to living a calmer, happier, and more fulfilled life.

  • Spread the joy

    It’s time to learn a really important new skill — how to consciously relax. Meditation is a basic life-skill that we should be practising every day ourselves, and teaching our children too. This is for everyone, so start where you are, no matter what your background, religion, gender, or age. Use the time you have, and experience for yourself that a minute spent in meditation is always a minute well spent.


What people say about My Zendays

“My Zendays is a refreshing approach to restoring a little calm, clarity and self-love into your life. We all need a little My Zendays!”

— Donna

“I’ve found My Zendays to be an amazing source of advice, tips motivation and calmness. Nicky has really helped me to develop new and positive daily habits.”

— Matt

“If anyone is feeling fragile but wants to move forward I would highly recommend My Zendays and the focus on a positive mindset. It’s helped me so much and Nicky and her videos are tremendous … please watch … you will never look back!”

— Karen


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Important notice

My Zendays offers services and resources to support people with their mental health and wellbeing.  We do not provide medical advice and the services and resources we offer are not intended as a treatment for, or substitute for treatment of, serious physical or mental conditions.

My Zendays strongly recommends that if you have suffered from, or are suffering with, serious mental health issues, including trauma, you should seek medical advice from your doctor or mental health professional before starting any meditation practice.