"I can’t tell you how much it’s enriched my life"

Lisa — one of our students — says ...

Are YOU looking to ...

  • Boost your sense of wellbeing and personal happiness

  • Learn a powerful way to relieve daily stress

  • Be more productive, more focused, and have more energy

  • Learn how to calm your mind

  • Strengthen your sense of self and connect to your intuition



What you should expect

Four weeks of amazing content!

MEDITATION & ME is your one-stop shop
to becoming a self-sufficient meditator

You will learn about stress, what it’s doing to you, and how you can take back control of your wellbeing – and how through learning your new superpower of daily meditation, you can transform yourself and lead a calmer, happier, and more fulfilled life.  And you will become a self-sufficient meditator too!  

Here's the thing, even if you have already tried meditation before and found it was not working for you or you did not form a daily habit, you may have lacked the rigour and robust teaching to learn:

  • how to meditate well;
  • why it is so beneficial; and
  • how to establish a daily habit.

The truth is that meditation is not complicated, but you do need to put some effort in: you do need to understand the technique, and to gain all the benefits you should practise daily.

The good news is that even if your day is busy, you only need to find 30 minutes each day of the course to benefit from this investment in yourself.

This worked for me
It works for my students
and it can work for YOU too

You should try and complete the course over 28 consecutive days as this will help to form the new habit of daily meditation.  However, do not worry if you miss a day here and there — life can sometimes get in the way.  The important thing is to get back into the daily habit as soon as you can.

Recognising this, the course will help you to establish your new daily habit.  And, after you have learned about the scientific proof of the benefits of meditation, trust me, you will want to make this a daily habit.

You will learn to supercharge your life

You will learn from amazing daily video lessons and guided meditation practices, plus there is lots more incredible bonus content throughout the course for those who want to go a bit deeper.

Week 1 (Days 1–7) 

You will learn the meditation basics and the My Zendays meditation technique

Week 2 (Days 8–14)

You will understand the benefits of meditation and the scientific proof.

Week 3 (Days 15–21)

You will appreciate why meditation and mindfulness are best friends, and why mindfulness is the key to living a happier life.

Week 4 (Days 21–28)

You will learn how to connect to your intuition and meet your future self.

What our students say


“Having recently completed MEDITATION & ME I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the course and look forward to making meditation part of my daily life.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone.

Nicky's course is so well structured, and packed with information and guidance to help in developing the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

She delivers all of this via her videos in a calm, friendly and professional manner.

It's great!

— Catherine

“I have to say as a seasoned construction campaigner I never thought meditation would be my cup of tea! But how wrong I was.

I’ve always enjoyed learning and gaining experience in new fields; this was mind-blowing for me.

Nicky, you are star! What a great teacher you’ve been, you have opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking!

Without giving anything away, I even enjoy going in the shower more these days!!

To all out there, give it a go you won’t regret it.

— Phil

“What I’ve learned is immense, the whole foundation of it – not to mention the impact it’s had on me.

I’m now meditating with my son who has autism and severe learning difficulties. The positive impact and transformation of how he copes is unreal. Nicky you are beyond amazing and I can never thank you enough ❤️

I can’t tell you how much it’s enriched my life and if only you could see the difference in my son – he’s gone from one very anxious frightened little boy to a very calm and content little boy.

It’s so magical you are the best thing that’s happened to me and now my son and I’ll be forever grateful 😘❤️”

— Lisa

“Not only was this course fun, it taught me how to be still and comfortable with myself, be less reactive to emotional upheavals, and more knowledgable about meditation.

Nicky is articulate, charismatic and considerate throughout and I can highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about meditation.”

— Nicki

Four-weeks to YOUR new superpower!


Either pay once in full, or spread the cost over two months

Meditation is for everyday people just like you and me

No, it is not weird,
it is not woo-woo,
and you don't need to
wear orange robes and
sit on a mountain top!


I distinctly remember a few years ago thinking “I genuinely have no clue who I am anymore”.  From the outside, I looked like I was winning – a really successful career, a wonderful husband, and beautiful healthy children.  But inside I was completely lost and crumbling.  Maybe it was the constant travelling for work, the stress and responsibility I felt so acutely, being a mum and trying to cope with the horrific losses of important people in my life … looking back, I guess it was all of that combined.  The result was that I had totally lost all sense of myself and what I actually wanted out of life. 

The single biggest thing that gave me the clarity I needed was meditation. Time with myself.  Time I had NEVER had before.  I had always thought meditation was weird and best suited for monks or hippies.  I had no idea it was for people like you and me.  It was so straightforward – time to surrender and let go of everything I thought I was “supposed” to be and to let the real me step forward.  It changed my life, and I trained as a Meditation Teacher because I want to change the lives of others too.  If you think meditation is weird (like I used to) then I urge you to think again. This stuff can literally change your life for the better. It really can restore your sense of self and open up a whole new way of life for you.

Meditation is the superpower that changed my life

And it is a practice that I want to teach you, so you too can lead a calmer, happier, and more fulfilled life

That is why I have created MEDITATION & ME, an epic four-week course, packed full of video, audio, and written content that will introduce and help you embed this amazing, life-transforming habit.

As well as becoming self-sufficient in meditation, you will learn about stress, what it’s doing to you, and how you can take back control of your wellbeing — and how through learning your new superpower of daily meditation, you can transform yourself and lead a calmer, happier, and more fulfilled life.

Meditation is scientifically proven to lead to ...


  • Less stress

  • Less anxiety

  • More productivity

  • Better sleep

  • Better sex

Gareth's journey from SCEPTIC to ENTHUSIAST with

Get your hands on this amazing content!

This life transforming course is EPIC!

  • 28 Amazing Video Lessons

    You will learn from amazing daily video lessons, where I have distilled everything you need to know about meditation – from the basics such as “what is meditation” to the incredible power it has to transform your mind and your life.

    Over a period of four weeks, you will receive a total of four hours of learning, available to you in short accessible lessons.

  • Daily Meditation Practice

    You will start to gradually build your own meditation practice from Day 2 of the course, with Nicky guiding you through the My Zendays meditation technique.

    Over the following weeks of the course, you will build up from five minutes of fully-guided meditation to twenty minutes of semi-guided meditation, completely preparing you for your own self-sufficient meditation practice.

  • Personal Journal

    You will be able to download your own personal journal for each week of the course, which will consolidate your learning, allow you to reflect on each day’s lesson and meditation experience, and inspire you to continue building your new superpower.

    You will also build a daily gratitude practice – another scientifically proven method to boost your overall wellbeing and happiness.

Invest in YOURSELF


Loads of amazing additional BONUSES

You can also choose to diver deeper

  • Special Guided Meditations

    You can download and enjoy a range of amazing bonus guided meditations – listen to Nicky to help you relax, sleep, and practise some of the fundamentals learned during the course in a different way.

  • Private Facebook Group

    You will be invited into a private Facebook Group for course members, where you can: ask Nicky questions, share experiences, and find additional insight from Nicky
    (membership is optional).

  • Deeper Insight and Learning

    You can deepen your knowledge and practice with bonus content curated especially for you, including thought-provoking videos, interesting facts, and practical exercises, all of which will enhance your experience.

What well-known and successful people say about meditation

Many well-known and successful people we know and admire talk about the benefits of their own meditation practice

Tony Robbins
Author, coach, philanthropist
meditates because ...

"If you make the decision to master your own mind, you'll be mentally equipped to handle whatever challenges come your way"

Ray Dalio
Billionaire hedge fund manager, philanthropist
recognises that ...

"Meditation, more than any other factor, has been the reason for what success I've had"

Oprah Winfrey
media executive, TV producer, philanthropist
meditates ...

“to come back to the centre” and she always feels “1,000% better”

Ellen Degeneres
TV host, actress, writer, producer
does it because meditation ...

“gives me that stillness”

Jim Carrey
Actor, comedian, writer
discovered that meditation is ...

“a system of teaching yourself how to get into a state of relaxation that affects your entire life”

Hugh Jackman
Actor, singer, producer
meditates because it ...

“quiets the mind ... lets the instrument calm down … it’s blissful”

Russell Brand
Comedian, actor, radio host
finds meditation gives him ...

“an ability to step back from the mechanics of my feelings”.

Meet your host

Nicky Thackray

Hi, I'm Nix. I'm a Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Coach and Founder of My Zendays, a movement to help you live a calmer, happier, more fulfilled life. I live by the sea in Tynemouth in the North East of England. After discovering the life-transforming power of meditation and mindfulness I decided to give up my high-flying corporate career and pursue a radically new mission ... to teach people how to slow down, using the tools and techniques that I know can calm your mind, boost your wellbeing and supercharge your life.

I've been on a personal development journey for many years and love continuing to evolve, practising what I preach and continuing to grow my knowledge and skills.

I have featured in magazines, podcasts and spoken at company events sharing my personal experience and the mission of My Zendays – that we all need to become a Wellbeing Warrior in our own lives, fearlessly protecting our peace of mind and learning how to be happy.

Nix Thackray

Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at My Zendays


Students often ask ...

  • I’ve tried meditation before, but it didn’t work – why?

    I hear ya! Many people tell me they’ve “tried to meditate” but nothing happened / it didn’t work / they’re not sure if they were doing it right.

    Trust me, it’s a different story when you enter into a structured course taught by an experienced teacher. You will learn your own technique, AND you will learn about how and why it works giving you the intellectual understanding to go along with your practice.

  • How do I know if meditation is right for me?

    Meditation is pretty much right for everyone (although please heed our advice if you have a history of serious mental health issues)

    Whether you’re male or female, young or old, meditation has the power to transform your life. If you want to learn a powerful way to alleviate stress and anxiety, heal depression, improve your energy, focus, productivity, and sleep, then meditation is for you.

    We’re so confident that you’re going to love this course, however, if you decide it’s not for you within the first three days of purchasing, you can have a full refund, no questions asked.

    If you are suffering or have suffered from very serious mental health issues, including trauma, we recommend you talk to your doctor / mental health professional before starting any meditation practice.

  • What are the benefits of meditation?

    There are so many scientifically proven benefits that a daily practice of meditation can offer:

    • LESS: Stress, anxiety, and depression.
    • MORE: Energy, focus, productivity, and quality sleep.

    Meditation has also been proven to slow down the ageing process.

    ​Now, what’s not to love about that?!

    I cover the many benefits of meditation in lots of detail in Week 2 of the course.

  • How much time will this require?

    Around 30 minutes per day for 28 days.

    The course is intended to last 28 consecutive days as this will help to form the new habit of daily meditation. However, do not worry if you miss a day here and there — life can sometimes get in the way. The important thing is to get back into the daily habit as soon as you can. Recognising this, the course itself contains practical strategies and helpful tips to help you establish your new daily habit. And, after you have learned about the scientific proof of the benefits of meditation, trust me, you will want to make this a daily habit.

    You should do the course at a time of day that works for you and your circumstances. Each day will require around 30-minutes of your time where you will complete a video lesson and practice meditation. In the first week, you will spend more time on the video lessons while you gradually build up your meditation practice from five minutes to twenty minutes per day. From the second week on, the daily lessons are typically shorter, so you can spend your course time practising meditation – which is what this course is all about!

    You have "lifetime access" (explained below), so it is not going to suddenly disappear if you find yourself busier than you planned and need to come back to it later. Having said that, I recommend that you make a personal commitment to complete the course over a four-week period if you can.

  • Is meditation really only for monks and hippies?

    NO, NO, NO — modern meditation is for everyone!

    I bust this "monk and hippy" and other meditation myths in a bonus lesson during Day 3 of the course, but for a sneak preview of this particular myth …

    There are two types of meditation, one of which — monastic meditation — we can leave to the monks. However, the rest of us can all practice and benefit from modern-day meditation that is for people who live in modern society.

  • Can I progress faster through the daily lessons, eg do two or more in one day?

    Yes, but you should try and maintain your meditation practice each day as well.

    Course content will be released to you on a weekly basis, and there is no reason why you cannot progress through the “daily” video lessons and bonus content faster than one day at a time, and if you have the time, and it is working for you, then go on – binge-watch!

    The most important thing is that you do practise meditation on a daily basis, as this is what is going to build your daily habit.

  • What happens if something comes up and I do not finish the course?

    No problem – you have "lifetime access" to the course.

    If something comes up and you need to pause your progress you can come back anytime you like and continue where you left off, or even restart from the beginning if you wish.

    See the FAQ below that explains "lifetime access".

  • Does "lifetime access" mean I can still access the content once I've finished the course?

    Yes – you can start at any time and once you have completed the course you can revisit any of the content whenever you wish.

    "Lifetime access" means you have full access to the course content throughout its lifetime here on the My Zendays School of Wellbeing. This means that you do not have to complete the course as soon as you enrol, or within the ideal four-week duration of the course. You can start the course at any time, make progress as you wish (although daily progress is strongly recommended), and come back to any of the content again once you have completed it.

    You will also be able to access future additions and enhancements to the course without any additional costs (future versions of the course will generally cost more for new students).

    Whilst My Zendays do not have any plans to retire the course and expect it to continue for many years after its 2020 launch, we do reserve the right to retire the course in the future – but do not worry, if and when we get to this point, we will let you know and will enable you to copy and save the content for your personal use.

  • How do I pay and can I get a refund if it is not right for me?

    We accept all leading credit and debit cards, and also PayPal.

    You can pay using your credit or debit card to purchase in full with one payment, or, to spread the cost over two monthly payments (you get immediate access to the course after your initial payment)

    You can also pay using your PayPal account but must pay in full with this option.

    We’re so confident that you’re going to love this course, however, if you decide it’s not for you within the first three days of purchasing, you can have a full refund, no questions asked.

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Important notice

My Zendays offers services and resources to support people with their mental health and wellbeing.  We do not provide medical advice and the services and resources we offer are not intended as a treatment for, or substitute for treatment of, serious physical or mental conditions.

My Zendays strongly recommends that if you have suffered from, or are suffering with, serious mental health issues, including trauma, you should seek medical advice from your doctor or mental health professional before starting any meditation practice.