Terms of Use for the My Zendays School of Wellbeing (hosted by Thinkific)

My Zendays Limited ("My Zendays") aim to keep these terms of use as light and friendly as possible, but it is important that you read and agree (by ticking the checkbox on the prior account creation page) to the following items:

Your informed consent and agreement to using our School of Wellbeing

At My Zendays Limited ("My Zendays"), two of our priorities are: (i) the care of our students, and (ii) the protection and appropriate use of our material, and so before you get started with the My Zendays School of Wellbeing, you confirm the following:

  1. I agree to respect the privacy and confidentiality of all of the courses, content, and material available on the My Zendays School of Wellbeing, and I understand that when I enrol to access any courses, content, or material — whether paid for or free — it is for my sole and personal use.  As such, I will not share my account or any My Zendays School of Wellbeing course, content, or material with any other people.

  2. I understand that the tools and techniques in the My Zendays School of Wellbeing courses, content, and material are designed to help my mental health and wellbeing, primarily, but not exclusively, through teaching relaxation and how to calm the mind, and that I will achieve the best results if I practise the My Zendays tools and techniques on a daily basis.

  3. I understand that My Zendays offers services and resources to support people with their mental health and wellbeing, but that they do not provide medical advice, and the services and resources provided are not intended as a treatment for, or substitute for treatment of, serious physical or mental conditions.

  4. I understand that My Zendays recommends that if I have suffered from, or are suffering with, serious mental health issues, including trauma, I should seek medical advice from my doctor or mental health professional before starting any meditation practice.  Equally, I agree to seek medical advice if I start to notice any feelings or thoughts that become overwhelming.

The meaning of "Lifetime Access" to courses and content

Excluding any subscriptions to a My Zendays Membership Group, your account at the My Zendays School of Wellbeing provides "Lifetime Access" to any course and content — free and paid for — that you are enrolled in.  This means that there is no immediate time constraint for you to complete the course, and you get free access to any future course/content updates and enhancements. Specifically, "Lifetime access" means:

  1. Your account provides full access to the course content throughout its lifetime here on the My Zendays School of Wellbeing. This means that you do not have to complete the course or access content as soon as you enrol, or within any particular timescale.  You can start and use the course/content at any time, make progress as you wish, and come back to any of the content again once you have completed or used it. 

  2. You will be able to access any future additions and enhancements to the course without any additional costs (future versions of the course will generally cost more for new students).

  3. My Zendays do reserve the right to retire courses and content in the future, but if and when we get to this point, we will let you know using the contact details you have provided and will enable you to copy and save the content for your personal use.

Use of your name and email address

My Zendays will need to use the name and email address you used to create your account at the School of Wellbeing to contact you and inform you of your account details and to provide access to the courses and content that you are enrolled in.  In addition, you confirm the following:

  1. I agree that the name and email address used for my account at the My Zendays School of Wellbeing will be used to send you email from My Zendays, for example: the weekly #ZENSEEKERS update, the Monday Morning Mantra, and updates about the My Zendays School of Wellbeing.

  2. I understand that I may unsubscribe from My Zendays email lists at any time using the unsubscribe link in the email footers or by sending a request to hello@myzendays.com.

  3. I understand that I can also use a link in the My Zendays email footers to change the name and email address that we use to contact you, but that this change does not change the name and email address used for your School of Wellbeing Account.  If you wish to change your School of Wellbeing account details you can do so by selecting "My Account" then "Profile" or by sending a request to hello@myzendays.com.

Refund Policy

This refund policy applies to content and courses purchased from The My Zendays School of Wellbeing.

  1. Full refunds are available for purchases of the MEDITATION & ME course if requested in writing — to hello@myzendays.com — within three [3] days of making the purchase.  We believe three days provides sufficient time to make an assessment of the suitability of the course content.  Refunds will be made to the original payment card or PayPal account that was used to make the purchase.

  2. My Zendays does not provide refunds for purchases of our fully downloadable content, eg guided meditations and collections of guided meditations such as The Alchemy of Kindness Collections and The Sleep Collection.

Hopefully, we will not have any, but just in case ... concerns, disputes, and applicable law

My Zendays are not expecting any and work hard to avoid them, but just in case: should you have any concerns or dispute with My Zendays, you agree to put these in writing to hello@myzendays.com.  Thereafter, both parties will seek to mutually resolve any such issues in a friendly, cooperative, and timely manner.  Hopefully, we will not need to resort to the law and the courts, but if this becomes necessary the laws of England and Wales will apply.

Effective date and updates

These Terms of Use are effective as of Friday, 26 June 2020.  My Zendays may change these terms from time-to-time and without prior notice.  Please do check for changes regularly as your use of this site after such changes constitutes your agreement to those changes.